Why Murrun ?

We are committed to meet current and future Corporate Challenges which attracts, develops and retains qualified workforce in fostering the work environment that will harness employees loyalty and commitments, honesty and integrity in rewarding their sincerity and dedication to achieve Murrun’s vision in a productive, safety and healthy environment increases individual and organization effectiveness in adding value to the company’s profitability.

Murrun’s compensation package varies by education level, experience and position. We offer challenging and interesting work environment in giving competitive salary and beneficial package.

The salary and benefit packages are regularly reviewed and will remain competitive. Other benefits and allowances may include :

– Basic salary

– Housing allowance

– Transportation allowance 

– Shift allowance

– Career development & Training

– Annual leave – Medical Insurance

– Family Status

– Education Allowance

– Merit increments & bonus

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Murrun will provide strategic and coherent approach and invest in developing the organization’s most valued assets for employees  who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives and become the most reliable, talented and healthy team players. At Murrun, we believe that diversity is imperative to the business. It creates an environment that welcomes respects and leverages our individual differences as a competitive strength.

We appreciate the differences and welcome the diverse viewpoints of all our employees which mean that there’s for everyone a chance to reach their full potential and define success on their own terms at Murrun.

We are fully committed to racial and ethnic equality and we are dedicated to a process that listens to the voices of our employees as one of the keys to help shape our business. It is through this process that we set goals and develop a strategy that will hold us accountable for making Murrun an exciting place to work with. 


Work life in Murrun


Work is an integral part of our everyday life it does influence the overall quality of our life. We at Murrun ensure that we work in an environment that yields job satisfaction, provide peace of mind, a fulfillment of having done a task, as it is expected without any flaw and having spent the time fruitfully, constructively and purposely. Even it is a small step towards our lifetime goal, at the end of the day it gives satisfaction and eagerness to look forward to the next day. 


Because we believe that a happy and healthy employee will give better turnover, make good decisions and positively contribute to the organizational goal. An assured good quality of good life couple with an ideal but friendly working atmosphere will not only attract young and new talent but also retain the existing experienced talent.


At “ Murrun ” , we share a common objective : be ethical , honest , transparent and trust worthy to one and all.   Our Global presence enables us to better explore the business opportunities arising in differentregions and asset classes.

We are built on a partnership model and a flat management structure, nurturing a culture of teamwork, entrepreneurship and meritocracy . This allows us to attract, retain and motivate highly-talented professionals.

Our Employees are utmost resource and we believe that the best results are obtained when various teams of talented people are empowered to create and champion solutions. Innovation, teamwork and quality are the core tenets of our culture, and we provide ongoing development and advancement opportunities for all employees — in our corporate offices and our manufacturing locations.