HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose)

1.Overview of  HPMC and classifications: 

HPMC is hydroxyproyl methyl cellulose which is specialized in construction mortar industry. 

According to the different kind of dry mix mortar product formulations, different specificafications of HPMC is recommended. 

To choose the right specification of HPMC could reach the specific function in applications. 

(1)Classification of construction  HPMC according to the gelation temperature: 

75 type Gelation temperature: 70-90℃
65 type Gelation temperature: 62-68℃
60 type Gelation temperature: 58-64℃

For HPMC, The standard MUR MP series products produced by Jinan maissen new material co.,ltd is 75 type.  It is high quality  HPMC which is stable in hot environment.  For the “E” series mailose HPMC produced by us, 65 type and 60 type is available to customize as per customer’s requirements.

It have better water retention property, but loss some stability in hot environment. 

(2)Classification of HPMC according to specific functions: 

Purity HPMC Standard purity HPMC with low ash content,:5% Max.  Normally is around 3% only under lab testing.
Modified HPMC for specific applications Modification based on the purity HPMC. In order to reach the specific function in application, to add other additives in HPMC. For example: increase the open time, provide better workability, increase the sag-resistence etc.

This kind of modified HPMC price is normally in the same level with purity one or even a little higher than standard purity construction grade HPMC.  

Modified HPMC for lower cost It is customized products as per customers requirements on cost.  It may lower the functions of HPMC. For example, adjust the gelation temperature, ash content and add some other additives.

This kind goods is making a balance between price and quality. 

Murrun always insist on providing high quality HPMC in the market. Meanwhile, based on our production experience and tech. support, we can also customize HPMC as per customer’s requirements. OEM or OEM service of construction grade hpmc is available. 

(3)Classification of construction HPMC according to solubility: 

Without surface treatment HPMC without surface treatment can not be soluble in cold water directly because of its filming property.

Normally, this kind of hpmc is recommended to be used in dry mix mortar industry.  Dry-mix HPMC with all other raw materials together and packaged.  Adding water before using it.

With surface treatment  HPMC with surface treatment could be soluble in cold water directly.  It is recommended to used in the product which is required to solve HPMC in could water directly in the production processing.  For example, industrial detergent, emulsion paint etc.

Murrun could provide various specifications of HPMC.

2.Main application areas of  HPMC:

(1) HPMC in dry mix mortar industry:

It is an important additives in dry mix mortar products. The detailed applications and recommended specifications as below: 

Block laying adhesive MUR MP150K/ME150K
Cement or gypsum based plaster MUR MP100K/ME100K
Cement or gypsum based one coat MUR MP60K/ME60K MP100K/ME100K
Tile adhesive MUR MP150K/ME150K, MP200K/ME200KMailose MP150KO, Mailose MP200KO
Joint compound MUR MP40K/ME40K
Gypsum spray plaster MUR MP75K/ME75K MP 75KM
Skim coat(wall putty) MUR MP100K/ME100K
EIFS adhesive mortar MUR MP150K/ME150K  MP100K/ME100K
EIFS surface mortar MUR MP100K/ME100K  MP60K/ME60K
Self-leveling mortar MUR MP400

(2)HPMC in oil drilling: 

Provide Fine Gel, Salt Resistance, Excellent Sand-carrying Property Etc.

Recommended specifications: Mailose MP100KOD, Mailose MP150KOD.

(3)HPMC for industrial detergent: 

Provide good property of dipersion, thinckening effect, foam stability and compatibility. 

Recommended specifications: Mailose MP100KSD, Mailose MP150KSD, Mailose MP200KSD

3. The basic functions of  HPMC in applications: 

(1)Water retention: 

HPMC have good water retention in applications.  It could keep enough water for cement and all other additives hydration. It could improve the final bonding strength and the pressure strength. Meanwhile lower the risk of cracking and fall down from the working surface.  


HPMC could provide specific viscosity of the wet mortar or the solution.  It could increase the adhesive strength of wet mortar and provide a good sag-resistence for wet mortar. 

(3)Adjust the setting time: 

HPMC can adjust the cement setting time. As the hpmc dosage increased, the setting time of cement is longer. 


Reasonable viscosity of wet mortar could increase the workability, bigger covering area with the same quality of wet mortar.  Construction grade hpmc make fine bubbles in wet mortar, it could improve the smooth feeling during working. 


HPMC have high gelation temperature. It provide a good viscosity stability even in the hot environment.