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Murrun Environmental Technology

Murrun Environmental Technology Additives Co., ltd, as one of leading manufacturers of concrete admixtures materials in China, operate 3 manufacturing factories with the production about concrete admixtures materials and cellulose ether also with surfactants chemicals.


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3 manufacturing factories Manufacturing facilities

We operate 3 manufacturing factories in all, one is located in Hebei, which produce the concrete admixtures materials, the other two are in Shandong province with the production about cellulose ether and surfactants chemicals.Learn More »

3 Applicative labs and 2 R&D centers

Our applicative lab team are offering the full day time technical supports to our clients all the year around, also R&D centers are working to improve the solutions for the concrete projects.Learn More »

Member of the association of China concrete additives

Murrun has been the Member of the association of China concrete additives since 2013Learn More »

ISO 9001 and SGS certificated

Our factories have been cetificated by ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards system, same also operated under environmental management system (EMS)Learn More »


Concrete solutions for your Projects.


Our factories & office.

The Difference Between HPMC & MHEC

1.The similar performances between HPMC and MHEC in construction chemicals:
Used as thickener, dispersant, water retention agent and air-entraining agent…


HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose)

1.Overview of  HPMC and classifications: 
HPMC is hydroxyproyl methyl cellulose which is specialized in construction mortar industry. 
According to the different…


The raw materials store area

This is our raw materials store area which is used to keep EO and PO.