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The Difference Between HPMC & MHEC

1.The similar performances between HPMC and MHEC in construction chemicals:
Used as thickener, dispersant, water retention agent and air-entraining agent etc. Mainly used in cement and gypsum based dry mix mortar to increase bond strength, workability, and water retention. Reduce water loss on concrete surface, preventing cracks and increase scrape area. It is widely used in wall plaster and tile adhesive products
In paints, as a protective colloid, HPMC and MHEC can be used in the polymerization of vinyl acetate emulsion […]

HPMC(hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose)

1.Overview of  HPMC and classifications: 
HPMC is hydroxyproyl methyl cellulose which is specialized in construction mortar industry. 
According to the different kind of dry mix mortar product formulations, different specificafications of HPMC is recommended. 
To choose the right specification of HPMC could reach the specific function in applications. 
(1)Classification of construction  HPMC according to the gelation temperature: 

75 type
Gelation temperature: 70-90℃

65 type
Gelation temperature: 62-68℃

60 type
Gelation temperature: 58-64℃

For HPMC, The standard MUR MP series products produced by Jinan maissen new material co.,ltd is 75 type.  […]