The main raw material for the production of super slump retaining type polycarboxylate superplasticizer.

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TPEG is the raw materials to produce polycarboxylate supeplasticizer with verygood slump retaining performance. Which is widely used in premix ofcommon concrete, gushing concrete, hydro concrete, also suitable for engineering projects under various weathers and primarily for usingin hot climate area.



Properties and Uses:


This product is non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, soluble in water and other solventsgood water solubility, also can be dissolved in water and a variety of organic solvents, and not hydrolyzed deterioration.  As the important material for the polycarboxylic water-reduce agent,they have great effection dispersing cement pellets. It can typically react withacrylic acid, maleic anhydride that carried an unsaturateddouble bond-containing, processing the radical polymerizable reaction to get water reducing agent, such water reducig agent having efficient cement particlesdispersed and holding capacity, and has a high rate of water-reducing, enhance the good effect, durability, corrosion of reinforced and environmental performance characteristics, can be widely applied in the site mixing and the long-range transportof high-performance, high strength commercial concrete.


Technical specification:



Product Appreance(25℃) Hydroxyl value


Unsaturation,mol/kg ≥
TPEG White flake 19.4-23.7 0.35


Note: according to your demands, we can offer you other products with different molecular weight.




Storage and transportation:

Non-toxic and non-inflammable chemicals;

kept in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Shelf life is at least two years, with avoiding sunshine and rain.

Please use this product up within one week after the package is opened.

Seal the container with nitrogen if you can not use this up in order to avoid the oxidation problems.